Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Watch What You Learn

I will try to stay strong,
But it doesn't mean I won't break,
Doesn't mean I won't break down like a lost fool,
Doesn't mean I am just a fake.

A million faces I try to remember,
A coldness like a thousand Decembers,
A feeling that I have been dismembered,
Dismembered from this world of temper.

A bomb about to set off,
I just tick as I get ticked,
The seconds roll by as I try to be unbreakable,
I'm just sick, so sick, so sick....

I'm not sure I'll be cured,
I don't know what lies ahead.
Don't know what the world will come to,
We have to watch what we're being fed.

What are we living for?
What are we dying for?
What is the point of this pointless life?
A person so small....A world so big....

Forever is forever.
And love is love.
But my heart is blackened.
Souls that need saving....


  1. I personally like this one....Hope you see what I mean. It's really deep. Yeah.....I like it. :)

  2. Brett! I love it, like, really, I love love love love it! :DDD

  3. So pretty much I LOVE it. Brett when did you become so awesome!

  4. :) That smiley face is all I can manage, what with the....intensity? Idk how to word's so strong and beautiful.