Monday, January 10, 2011

End Poem....Thing. I don't quite know the title.....

Time is a riddle,
Love is a crime,
Space is a maze,
And sounds are sublime.

Superior felonies,
Hope is a melody,
In which we direct our life.
Just give me the knife.

Thoughts and illustrations,
The rising of the nations,
Is gonna bring the world down.
Let's kill the crown.

Who's the leader?
Who's the feeder?
Who's the killer?
Which one's the worst?

Blacken the skies,
Cover our lives,
Always a lie,
You and I. You and I.....

This is how it will end,
No way it will bend,
The message I send,
Is a hope to mend.

Darkness concealing,
My father kneeling,
The end is near,
But I will not fear.


  1. Brett, you are so gosh darn creative, it makes me jealous. I still am in love with the first four lines, they are beautiful :D Anyway, love ya Brett!

  2. Sublime. I like like like that word. And you know, you have this talent for writing things like this, that I can only BEGIN to wish I had. You and my cousin both, you have this gift with writing song lyrics or something, because you can make the most prettiest music ever if you put your mind to it.