Monday, February 14, 2011

Strange to the ULTIMATE!

Sometimes wishes are broken,
Sometimes dreams are shattered,
Sometimes love is killed,
And you act like nothing mattered.

Life's a B!*?# and then you die.
But may I ask why?

Why does life treat us this way?
Why must there be all of this hate?
I'm sick of life and life is sick of me.
Let's all go and eat some ice cream.

Oh wait, a problem is here.
I have no money, or so it appears.
Ahh, yes, just another one of life's tricks.
Well, life is just a frickin' hick.

Darg, this rhyme is pretty lame.
But lions aren't usually tame.
I don't exactly live for the fame....
Make fun of this and you I will maim.

I wish life would get better.
Wish it were red letter.
Wish life were good for once.
Instead of always being treated like the dunce.

Hmm...just felt like rhyming.
It doesn't have the best timing.
But who gives a darn?
Yeah....A farm.


  1. I like farms.............
    No but i liked this also, you are freaking COOL Brett!

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  3. umm how about an absolute yes? because that is what I shall put! I really like the oddity of it and yet.. yeah. reminds me of good times writing songs with you!! like.. underwater dolphin sweater!! remember that song?!?? cause i do :) it was epic.