Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Searing flames devour the soul,
Engulfing the mind, and making one feel cold.
Helpless people feel alone,
When no one answers the phone.

Does that make sense?
I say it does not.
But who says it does?
It can be profound even when it doesn't say a lot.

I don't exactly feel the vibes for writing a poem....
So I'll just stop there before you guys face palm yourselves.

Have a nice day. Think about what you say before you actually say it. (Or type it)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Sorrow fills the pits of my heart,
I feel like I'm being torn apart.
Depression is cutting to the chase,
I'm still trying to put on a face.

When I wake up,
I feel like I'm in a nightmare,
When I fake it,
I go as far as I dare.
Before I break.
It's all I can take.

Stumbling as I struggle to finish,
All that I've started,
All that I got involved in.

All these problems,
I try to solve.
All these problems,
I create.
All these problems,
That hurt.
Hurt like no other.

Life has no antidote,
And I quote,
"The night is darkest just before the dawn"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Light And Shadow

When darkness overcomes one's soul,
One must fight with light.
Fear will not triumph fear,
A fight will not kill a fight.

A candle can conquer the darkest room,
A spark can start a fire.
An idea can create a nation,
The jolt charges the wire.

All things bright and beautiful,
All things worth fighting for,
All things which we live on,
All thoughts that we implore.

Don't cover your eyes,
And hide from the fight.
Join in and cure all those hurt,
Within us all is an unbeatable light.

Potential can create,
But it's never set in stone,
That the best is sure to happen.
You might be left alone.

But when we are alone,
We can become strong,
And build that light within,
Through experience and song.

Darkness will hide,
And light will reveal,
Which should you trust?
Which is best do you feel?

Paths make us all who we are,
So be careful in your choices.

Use this opportunity to become your potential.
Use this opportunity to be your best.

We all have a light within us waiting to shine to the world.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Equation of My Life

I too often want to escape,
Too often want to run away.
But fear and love can interfere,
And completely change my way.

Factors of life,
Changing my equation,
Simply take what you have,
And try to make the best.

Songs often have a repeating tune,
Guiding our lives to where we are now,
But I still have one question to ask.

How are we going to make it,
To the world of the unknown.
All I know, is that I'm just trying to make it through.
On my own.

Fear and love,
Hate and healing,
Trying not to show,
My inside feelings.

But it's just so hard.
Hiding what's real.
Guess people can't handle the truth.
Not everyone can feel.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Strange to the ULTIMATE!

Sometimes wishes are broken,
Sometimes dreams are shattered,
Sometimes love is killed,
And you act like nothing mattered.

Life's a B!*?# and then you die.
But may I ask why?

Why does life treat us this way?
Why must there be all of this hate?
I'm sick of life and life is sick of me.
Let's all go and eat some ice cream.

Oh wait, a problem is here.
I have no money, or so it appears.
Ahh, yes, just another one of life's tricks.
Well, life is just a frickin' hick.

Darg, this rhyme is pretty lame.
But lions aren't usually tame.
I don't exactly live for the fame....
Make fun of this and you I will maim.

I wish life would get better.
Wish it were red letter.
Wish life were good for once.
Instead of always being treated like the dunce.

Hmm...just felt like rhyming.
It doesn't have the best timing.
But who gives a darn?
Yeah....A farm.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Will Not Break

Life, life, life,
Is a riddle yet to be solved.
Life, life, life,
Is a chemical dissolved.

Life may hurt some,
Life may heal some,
But there is always a fight.
There is always a right.

When life makes you just fall apart,
Stay Strong.
When life completely breaks your heart,
Stay Strong.

Life is pain,
and Love is vain.
But Stay Strong.
Just stay Strong.

Honesty's a virtue,
But vulgarity can wound.
Offended by my troubles,
That I hope will be gone soon...Soon.

Hard times will come,
But easy times will too.
Life will curse you.
But life will love you.

When life makes you afraid,
Stay Strong.
When life doesn't give you aid,
Stay strong.

Life is pain,
and Love is vain.
But Stay Strong.
Just stay Strong.

When life hurts like hell,
Just show them what you're made of.
Stay Strong.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


In a world where everyone,
Everyone's looking out for number one.
It's still so hard,
Trying to find what they call the sun.

Searching for light you can't see,
Is like trying to forget some one you love,
Is like trying to remember some one you've never met.
Do we really know where headed?

How can I believe
When this cloud hangs over me?
Just trying to forget,
Yet still trying to believe.

Yet still trying to remember,
Yet still trying to find,
Crying like I've lost my mind,
Because I'm falling behind.

I'm trying to forget,
Of all of my regrets,
Just trying to let go,
Untying the ropes.

I'm a prisoner of time and space,
To most I seem to have no face,
I fear for the worst in my future,
I hope I'll never forget her.