Thursday, January 20, 2011


In a world where everyone,
Everyone's looking out for number one.
It's still so hard,
Trying to find what they call the sun.

Searching for light you can't see,
Is like trying to forget some one you love,
Is like trying to remember some one you've never met.
Do we really know where headed?

How can I believe
When this cloud hangs over me?
Just trying to forget,
Yet still trying to believe.

Yet still trying to remember,
Yet still trying to find,
Crying like I've lost my mind,
Because I'm falling behind.

I'm trying to forget,
Of all of my regrets,
Just trying to let go,
Untying the ropes.

I'm a prisoner of time and space,
To most I seem to have no face,
I fear for the worst in my future,
I hope I'll never forget her.

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